List of 54 Harajuku bath bombs

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Reviewed: 36/54

Black Rose (review)
Blackberry (review)
Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds
Bom Perignon
Chocomint (review)
Deep Sleep (review)
Fairy Jasmine
Fairy Trumpets
Figaro Figaro (review)
Flower Power (review)
Fruity Giant Bombshell
Geo Phyzz (review)
Geode (review)
Golden Pear
Ginger Ninja (review)
Goldrush (review)
Groovy Kind of Love (review)
Harajuku (review)
Hi Ho Silver (review)
Honey I Washed The Kids (review)
Hulder (review)
Kappa (review)
Karma Yantra (review)
Kitsune (review)
Lavender Giant Bombshell (review)
Lucky Cat (review)
Magma (review)
Marshmallow World (review)
Melusine (review)
Moon Spell (review)
Ne Worry Pas
Peng (review)
Pirates of the Carrageenan (review)
Royalty (review)
Sea Salt Giant Bombshell
Seaweed Giant Bombshell
Shijimi Butterfly (review)
So White
Splash (review)
Star Spell
Strawberries & Cream (review)
Tadaima Okaeri (review)
Tea and Sympathy (review)
Tender Is The Night (review)
The Comforter (review)
The Olive Branch (review)
Turmeric Latte (review)
Yog Nog
Youki Hi
Yuzu and Cocoa

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