Lush Oxford Street exclusives

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On this page you’ll find an actual list of the products that are exclusively sold in Lush Oxford Street in London. A lot of “exclusives” are also available in the Lush UK webshop, so they’re not really that exclusive anymore. The only thing you can buy in Oxford St. that is nowhere else to be sold, are the Oxford Street Soap and the Oxford Street Canvas Bag.

  • Oxford Street Soap
  • Oxford Street Canvas Bag
  • Union Jack Knot-Wrap
  • Ylang Song Bath Bomb
  • Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb
  • Candy Floss Showder
  • Lemon Sherbet Showder
  • Fun Mermaid
  • Fun Speedboat
  • Love Body Spray
  • Self Esteem Machine Body Spray
  • Plum Rain Body Spray
  • Uptown Funk Body Spray

Some products that are also now available in Liverpool:

  • Apandapand Soap
  • Green Gold Soap
  • Dirty Dusting Powder
  • Get Closer Dusting Powder
  • Gymslip Dusting Powder
  • Princess Dusting Powder
  • Sunflower Solid Deodorant
  • Vegelene Multi-Purpose Balm
  • Turtle Immersion Jelly Bomb

They also have all Slap Sticks, Trix Sticks, Lipstick refills and Glowsticks, the complete hair care range with +40 products that are only available in their store, Liverpool and the Hair Lab in Poole, and then products that are exclusive to selected stores like the Black Label perfumes, some bath oils, temple balms, Golden Slumber bath bomb and the cork pots.

Welkom op Oh My Lush! Ik ben Evelien en ik ben sinds 2013 groot Lush fan. Op deze blog deel ik graag mijn liefde voor Lush met andere fans.

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