SPOILERS: Halloween & Christmas products 2019

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In this blog post you will find a list (and photos below!) for all the Halloween and Christmas products this year. Don’t click further if you don’t want to know!

Products in orange are Halloween products, the rest is Christmas range. This blog post will be updated when I have new information or more photos. The list may be incomplete or contain some mistakes; if so, please let me know! Also, if you have better photos or some of the missing ingredients lists, please feel free to contact me.

I have been working on finding out what scents the products are, by taking a good look at the ingredients. There is always a possibility that products sharing the same ingredients, could smell differently. Therefore, I could be wrong with some of the scents. Please don’t hold me responsible for that! 😂

Halloween products will be up: September 13th
Christmas products will be up: September 24th

I’ve put a lot of time of work in creating this list. You may copy or share it, but a credit or a link back would be greatly appreciated! 😊 Enjoy this list and let me know what you think of the upcoming products by leaving a comment.

UPDATE AUGUST 9TH: I’ve added some new photos of the bath bombs! I found them at purrx’s Instagram. Scroll down to see the photos.

UPDATE AUGUST 10TH: Added some more photos. Credit goes to @allthingslushau!

UPDATE AUGUST 15TH: Added more photos, thanks to the amazing @allthingslushau!

Bath bombs

  • Monsters Ball Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Calacas scented
  • Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Lord of Misrule scented
  • Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb (photo)
  • Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Honey I Washed The Kids scented
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Showers / Celebrate scented
  • Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
  • Luxury Lush Pud Giant Bombshell (photo)
  • Snow Fairy Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Fairy scented
  • The World Smallest Disco Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Globe / Baked Alaska scented
  • Jingle Bells Bath Bomb (ingredients) – resembles Karma scent
  • Fly Me To The Moon Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Never Mind The Ballistics scented
  • Don’t Let The Bells End Bath Bomb – ylang ylang, benzoin and almond // (photo) – Happy Blooming scented
  • Pop Art Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Chris The Camel Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Santa’s Christmas scent
  • Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Not So Secret Santa Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Lemon Sherbet Showder
  • Rudolph Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Cake scented
  • Santa’s Grotto Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Fireball Bath Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – The Magic Of Christmas scented
  • Penguin Bomb Bomb (ingredients) – Bouncy Bunny scented
  • Santa Bomb Bomb (ingredients)
  • Elf Bomb Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Jilted Elf / Elf On The Shelf scented
  • Snow Fairy Amazeball (photo) – Snow Fairy scented
  • Holly Golighty Amazeball – (photo)

Bath oils

  • Cinnamon Orange Bath Oil Tablet (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Glögg scent
  • Retro Tree Bath Oil Tablet (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Globe / Baked Alaska scented
  • Santa’s On His Way Bath Oil Tablet (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Brightside scent
  • Snowman Bath Oil Tablet (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Lemon Sherbet Showder
  • Warm Sock Bath Oil (ingredients) – The Magic Of Christmas scented
  • Dala Horse Bath Oil (ingredients)
  • Igloo Bath Oil (ingredients) // (photo) – Freeze scented

Bubble bars

  • Bewitched Bubble Bar – Blackberry / Sultana scented
  • Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (ingredients) – Mr. Punch scented
  • Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (ingredients) – Snow Fairy scented
  • Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar (ingredients)
  • Santa Reusable Bubble Bar (ingredients) – Cheer Up Buttercup scented
  • Yog Nog Bubble Bar (ingredients) // (photo) – Yog Nog scented
  • Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar (ingredient)

Body conditioners

  • Snow Fairy Body Conditioner – Snow Fairy scented
  • Yog Nog Body Conditioner (ingredients) // (photo) – Yog Nog scented
  • Yog Nog Naked Body Conditioner (ingredients) // (photo) – Yog Nog scented


  • Snow Flake Body Lotion (ingredients) – Snowcake scented
  • Snow Flake Naked Body Lotion (ingredients) // (photo) – Snowcake scented
  • Once Upon A Time Body Lotion – So White scented
  • Let It Snow Sparkle Bar (ingredient) // (photo) – Sleepy / Twilight scented
  • Let It Glow Sparkle Bar (ingredients)
  • Fairy Dusting Power (ingredients) – Snow Fairy scented
  • Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder (ingredients) – Sleepy / Twilight scented
  • Snow Fairy Body Spray (ingredients) – Snow Fairy scented



  • Ghost in the Dark Soap (ingredients) – Avobath scented
  • Night Bloom Soap (ingredients) // (photo) – Junk scented
  • Golden Pear Soap – Golden Pear scented
  • Butterbear Soap (ingredients) // (photo) – Butterbear scented
  • Winter Berry Soap (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Brightside scent
  • Snow Apple Soap (ingredients) // (photo) – So White scented
  • Snow Fairy Soap (ingredients) // (photo) – Snow Fairy scented
  • Baked Alaska Soap (ingredients) – Snow Globe scented
  • Shooting Stars Soap (ingredients) – resembles Shade Of Earl Grey scent
  • Satsuma Soap – Satsuma scented

Shower bombs

  • Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – resembles Cyanide Pill scent
  • Polar Nose Bear Shower Bomb (ingredients) // (photo) – Australian Igloo scented
  • Snowman Nose Shower Bomb (ingredients) – resembles Freeze scent

Shower gels

  • Boo! Shower Slime (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Yog Nog Shower Gel (photo) – Yog Nog scented
  • Yog Nog Naked Shower Gel (ingredients) // (photo) – Yog Nog scented
  • Happy Shower Gel (ingredients) – resembles Not Sleepy Shower Bomb scent
  • Happy Naked Shower Gel – resembles Not Sleepy Shower Bomb scent
  • Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel – Snow Fairy scented
  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel (palm free) (ingredients) – Snow Fairy scented

Shower jellies

  • Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly (ingredients) – So White scented
  • Drummers Drumming Shower Jelly (ingredients) // (photo) – Peachy scented
  • Silver Bells Shower Jelly (ingredients) // (photo) – Hi Ho Silver Bath Bomb scented
  • 12 Herbs of Christmas Shower Jelly (party shop exclusive)


  • Glow Worm FUN – Avobath scented
  • Ruby FUN (party shop exclusive) (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Frosty FUN (party shop exclusive) (ingredients)
  • Fairy FUN (party shop exclusive) (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Holly FUN (party shop exclusive) (ingredients) // (photo)
  • Magic Lamp FUN Kit (ingredients) // (photo) – Celebrate / Snow Showers scented
  • Snow Fairy FUN Kit – Snow Fairy scented


  • Pumpkin Knot Wrap (contains Pumpkin Bath Bomb, Sparkling Bubble Bar, Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub, Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb)
  • Little Box Of Horrors (contains Ghost in the Dark Soap, Mercury Retrograde, Bewitched Bubble Bar, Monsters Ball Bath Bomb, Boo Shower Slime, Glow Worm FUN)

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