Alle 54 exclusieve Harajuku bath bombs (incl. beschrijving, foto’s en prijzen)

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Vanaf 29 maart zijn er 54 exclusieve Harajuku bath bombs te koop, in de winkels zal het aanbod variëren, elke shop manager mag namelijk zelf bepalen welke van de 54 bath bombs hij of zij wilt verkopen.

In Nederland zijn ze ook vanaf 29 maart te koop, check hier meer informatie!

Alle bath bombs zijn vegan 💚


“Feeling a little lifeless? Soak in our colorful citrus swirl of spicy olibanum, lime, and neroli oil. Lift your spirits with the bright shocks of neon color swirling in the dreamy white water while beautiful marigold petals dance and sway along the surface. Be sure to get your hands on this limited edition bath fizzer before it becomes nothing but a distant memory.”

Honey I Washed The Kids

$6.95 / REVIEW
“Looking for a sweet pick-me-up? This vegan caramel-scented fizzer could bee just the ticket! It has the same fan fave butterscotch aroma as our bestselling Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, and it’ll do wonders for wintry skin too. Fair trade organic cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil soak you in a rich dose of hydration while a touch of aloe vera calms and relieves, giving you all-over comfort in the deep of winter. If you’re a die-hard honey fan, be sure to pick this limited edition bomb up before it buzzes away.”

Yog Nog

“Enjoy a spicy gingerbread bath with this sweet limited edition bath bomb. This beautiful bath ball carries the same burnt caramel scent as our seasonal fave Yog Nog Bubble Bar, now with a blast of extra fizzy fun. Hydrating cocoa and shea butters keep winter skin soft and supple, while spicy clove and floral ylang ylang combine to create its familiar festive aroma—keeping you bakery-fresh all season long.”

Tender Is The Night

“Transform your bath into a swirling pink pool of fragrant florals and sweet-scented oils. Based on the popular scent of our Tender Is The Night Massage Bar, soothing ylang ylang and jasmine create a fragrance that’s both flirty and relaxing. The heady scent of vanilla absolute adds a touch of sweetness while softening skin, making Tender Is The Night a riot of romance and sensuality. Don’t wait to make your move—this one’s a limited edition love!”

So White

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the softest of them all? Back for a limited time, this fairy tale bath fizzer envelops you in a soothing blend soy milk, while apple and rose-scented waters transport you to a crisp forest fantasia. Don’t wait around for your prince(ss), let So White’s enchanting scent take you away instead.”

The Comforter

“Cuddle up under the covers of cassis-scented water and float away on a cloud of purple, pink and white. Fans of our best selling Comforter Bubble Bar will love this limited edition fizzly take on a blackcurrant Lush classic, while everyone is sure to adore its bright blast of lemongrass and grounding strains of cypress oil.”

The Olive Branch

$6.95 / REVIEW
“Sink into this citrusy cocktail filled with fragrant, hydrating oils to soothe your skin and invigorate your mind. Based on our bestselling Olive Branch Shower Gel, this limited edition bath fizzer features a zesty blend of lemon and Sicilian mandarin oils to brighten your mood and hydrate your skin. Orange flower and bergamot add a soft touch to the final fragrance, transporting you to a Mediterranean oasis in the comfort your own tub. A final dose of moisturizing fair trade olive oil ensures soft, supple skin as you emerge from this sensational soak.”

Yuzu and Cocoa

“The popular scent of Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream is back in the shape of a limited edition bath bomb. The familiar scents of tonka, cocoa and grapefruit make for a bathing experience yu’ll never forget. Citrusy hits of grapefruit and bergamot invigorate the senses, while cozy cocoa and tonka soothe dry winter skin. Why settle for strawberries and cream when you can have a tub full of delectable Yuzu And Cocoa?”

Marshmallow World

“Indulge in this limited edition candied treat that smells good enough to eat. Made a scent similar to the bestselling American Cream Conditioner, this fragrant fizzy bomb features the fragrance of soft, sweet vanilla, real marshmallow powder and just a hint of soothing lavender to give you a sense of complete confectionery calm. The bath ball itself is a riot of pink, purple, white and yellow that melts down into a creamy bubblegum hue. It’s all your candy shop dreams come true.”


“One of our best-loved bath bombs is back for a limited time in a brand new bubbly shape. Drop this classic fizzer into your tub for a relaxing soak in a swirling, meditative purple pool. A burst of fresh, uplifting bergamot oil meets grounding olibanum for a fragrant blend that blasts away the day’s worries, leaving you wrapped in a cozy and comforting berry-scented hug. Be sure to pick some Blackberries before they’re gone for good!”


“Soak it up Harajuku style and get lost in a kaleidoscope of scent and color. Full of bubblegum sweetness, this candied bath bomb blends punchy Brazilian orange oil with balsamic benzoin resinoid and sugary vanilla. Step out the water and into the light with a bubble pop electric fragrance that lingers on your skin long after your bath.”


“Even the grayest days can be made brighter. First, lock the bathroom door, fill your tub and drop in Hulder. It’s loaded with coarse sea salt to cleanse your mind and body, while sweet tangerine oil rejuvenates the skin. A touch of davana oil leaves you balanced and grounded so you can shine bright through the dark.”


“Jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood are the crown jewels in our most opulent, sparkling fizzer to date. This sensual bomb is at first floral, with underlying sweet notes of vanilla absolute and skin-softening doses of soy milk powder. Luxuriate in a bath fit for a queen and leave the tub feeling utterly majestic.”

Figaro Figaro

“Figaro Figaro’s invigorating blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, sage and thyme will take center stage in your bath. Its soothing, aromatic scent is unleashed even before this bomb touches the water, so you can inhale deep before setting it free in your tub to turn your bathroom into a steamy, scent-sational sauna that’ll leave you shouting “encore! encore!” In which case, you should probably just get two.”

Sea Salt Giant Bombshell

“So big, so blue and so beautiful. This giant bath bomb is a beach-lover’s dream, filled with a grounding, soothing combination of chamomile blue and olibanum oils, along with myrrh resinoid. The big fizzer’s hard shell dissolves in the water, releasing a gorgeous deep blue hue, and a cascade of coarse sea salt and velvety corn starch to leave skin soft and soothed. Soak in this deep blue sea for an extra-large dose of relaxation.”


“This precious geode rocks. It’s been formed from mineral-rich salt and sodium bicarbonate to thoroughly soothe and cleanse while you soak. As it fizzes, popping candy crackles and a plastic-free pearl luster escapes. The water turns into an eye-catching gold and pink spectacle before your eyes, while lavender and bergamot work in harmony to clear your mind.”


“Wrestling with worries? This deceptively sweet bomb is here to ease your troubles. While you disrobe, our heavy-hitting fizzer fills the water with its burnt umber hue and coarse sea salt to soften skin and uplift the senses. The scent itself is a battle of contradictory fragrances that meet at a happy medium: from the ultra-floral ylang ylang oil to the softly sweet tonka and vanilla absolutes—plus a bit of clove leaf oil for added kick. Hit the bath hard and sweat it out with Yokozuna.”


“When your skin needs some sustenance, roll into the tub with this fizzer for a creamy, uplifting soak. Sink into soothing, opaque waters while the zesty Brazilian orange and Sicilian red mandarin oil work their wonders on your tired senses. A moisturizing middle sits in the center of this bomb, ready to bestow rich hydration for a silky-soft feeling all over.”

Golden Pear

“Feel like you’ve lost your glow? Toss in a bit of plastic-free golden luster and mood-boosting citrus to brighten things up. This limited edition bath bomb delivers everything you love about the bestselling Golden Pear Soap—now with the added fun of fizz. Invigorating cardamom oil infuses the fragrance with notes of spiced fruits, while zesty Brazilian orange oil clears the mind. A reassuringly warm, woody aroma grounds this sweet fruity bomb, settling busy thoughts and bringing you back to life. Grab a pair of pears before they’re gone for good!”

Bom Perignon

“Need a boost before heading out for the night? Forget coffee! Pour yourself a bathtime cocktail full of tangerine and grapefruit oils to help get the party started. Drop Bom Perignon into the tub for uplifting, champagne-scented waters and a fizzy good time that’ll raise your spirits, while skin is left feeling soft and ready to go.”


“If you’re feeling like a nervous wreck, drop Melusine a line. This mesmerising mermaid bath bomb was made with a scent similar to the much-loved Avocado Co-Wash, now in fizzy bath bomb form. The shimmering turquoise waters are sure to make waves with an infusion of lemony litsea cubeba and cheerful bergamot oil while carrageenan extract and olibanum oil hydate and nourish the skin. Watch your cares drift away with this limited edition undersea wonder.”


“Need a whole lotta lava? This ultra-spicy fizzer delivers in spades. That’s because it’s packed with tingly, tickly ingredients like ginger and mustard powders, as well as cinnamon leaf and peppermint oils and real popping candy. In short: it’ll jolt you wide awake and leaving you feeling ready to tackle anything. When you’re getting a little overwhelmed, let it all out with the little ball of energy that is Magma Bath Bomb.”

Karma Yantra

“Soothe your soul with Karma Yantra’s balancing blend of earthy patchouli and woody pine. Orange and lemongrass oils round out its lingering scent to uplift your mind and eliminate your woes, while spicy elemi oil offers an ingrained sense of peace. After this meditative soak, you’ll step out the bath ready to spread kindness and positivity.”


“Escape and unwind from a busy day with a restorative soak with Kitsune. Sicilian red mandarin, earthy patchouli and toning cedarwood oil rebalance and ground your thoughts. This clever blend is loaded with ingredients to energize and revive your senses, so as this fizzer shapeshifts through the water, you’ll feel yourself becoming restored and grounded.”

Black Rose

“When two ingredients really love each other, they come together to make a scent so intoxicating, it’s nearly irresistible. Black Rose’s scintillating blend of rose and lemon oils is unleashed the moment this fizzer hits the water. As it dissolves, its deep, dark color cloaks you in delightful mystery as fair trade organic cocoa butter keeps your bath water and skin feeling soft, soothed and luxurious.”

Seaweed Giant Bombshell

“Drop anchor and feel serene among softening strands of seaweed and an effervescent sea mist. It’s all hands on deck as five types of seaweed (kombu, sea lettuce, kelp, dulse and bladderwrack for the curious) fill your tub, along with sodium alginate for a slippy, softening effect. A delicate blend of citrusy mandarin and orange flower meets comforting vanilla absolute to create a gentle wave of seaside refreshment that works to brighten skin too.”

Fruity Giant Bombshell

“Picture it: your bath tub. Zesty, sweet-scented lemon, lime and orange slices swirl in sunset-colored waters, as you sink deep under an orange-y haze. You take a deep breath; a brightening blend of citrus and bergamot oils hits your olfactory senses first, helping you settle in a little deeper for total relaxation. And when you finally emerge from your sanctuary, warming cassia oil has kissed your skin with a rejuvenating, cleansing touch.”

Lucky Cat

“Feelin’ lucky? This pink kitty beckons you to the bath with its botanical scent. Fizzing fast into fluffy fuchsia waters, Lucky Cat’s multi-colored stars burst from the center, waving in good fortune and leaving you feline fine. With a classic, botanical blend of jasmine absolute, neroli and ylang ylang, this is one fresh and floral kitty that’ll leave you feeling brand mew.”


“Gold fever got ya? Cure it with Goldrush’s dazzling light show and satisfy your need for sparkle. As it fizzes, a rich golden plastic-free luster gilds your skin and the water turns a beautiful blue hue. Rich cocoa and shea butters melts in the warmth to moisturize skin, while geranium, grapefruit and rosemary give this bath bomb a stimulating but herbal kick. This one’s worth its weight in gold.”

Groovy Kind of Love

“Melting into rings of rainbow colors, Groovy Kind Of Love will fill your tub with peace, love and beautifully scented harmony. Rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oils release a peaceful, uplifting scent that will surround you in a loving embrace like a crowd at Woodstock. Sink deep, inhale and emerge from the tub feeling rejuvenated, balanced and refreshed.”

Strawberries & Cream

“It’s summer in a bath: the sweet, fizzy scent of strawberries made with real strawberry powder, along with grounding notes of olibanum and geranium for balance. A hint of black pepper and a bit of zingy bergamot round things out to make this berry anything but bland. Sandwiched between each fruit is a super hydrating dose of fair trade cocoa and shea butters to moisturize your skin as you soak. This vegan bomb is everything you need to feel fresh, fruity and fragrant.”

Shijimi Butterfly

“When sleep feels out of reach, let this marbled butterfly take you under its wing. Sink deep into its swirling blue waters and flutter on the gentle breeze of calming lavender and chamomile. Feel your eyes wander lazily over the hypnotic waves of color, then land in a serene state of mind, ready for the blissful cocoon of a restful night’s sleep.”

Deep Sleep

“With lavender flowers, lavender oil and lavender absolute, Deep Sleep is a triple-hit of sleepy delights. Wrapped in biodegradable muslin, the lavender and Roman chamomile flowers infuse your water with a hypnotic blend of soothing floral scents, while neroli helps alleviate worries, so your mind can rest easy before you sink deep into sleep—in bed. Obviously.”


“Chocomint is a treat that can’t be beat! Fair trade organic cocoa butter and soy milk powder begin to melt as soon as this bomb hits the water to create a creamy, skin-soothing experience. And then, a blend of spearmint oil and cocoa powder reveal an ice cream-inspired fragrance that you’ll want to dip into again and again.”


“As the Kappa’s shell cracks open, oakmoss and lemon oil burst forth in a fog of comforting scents. Smart ingredients fizz from the imp’s mystical head, bestowing you with knowledge and soothing your skin. Bubbling into comforting cucumber and coconut, the Kappa vanishes into translucent yellow and green waters, so you can step out of the tub wiser and stronger than before.”

Tadaima Okaeri

“Sweet dreams are made of fizz. This softly-scented bomb is filled with the comforting scents of grounding sandalwood oil and soothing tonka and vanilla absolute. As this slow fizzer unfurls in the tub, swirls of cream of tartar fill the water to gently soften skin as you relax in its shimmering glory. You’ll feel right at home with this comforting bath bun.”

Moon Spell

“Are you waning or waxing? This double-sided bomb balances things out with a blend of blue and pink that can be used separately or together. Moisturizing carrageenan extract soothes and hydrates dry skin, while Brazilian orange oil tones and brightens. Let your half moons dance and fizz across the surface of the water as they swirl to form one beautiful purple hue.”

Star Spell

“As it shoots across your tub, this interlocking star bursts into cosmic dust: a supernova of crackling popping candy and plastic-free intergalactic glitter. Feeling experimental? Try pressing the two halves together underwater to create a nebula glow of orange and yellow. Or lie back and let the halves float freely around the galaxy of your bath. Citrusy bergamot, buchu and lemon brighten skin and moods, while xanthan gum makes Star Spell feel cool to the touch. You’ll thank your lucky stars for baths like these.”

Ginger Ninja

“You might not know who Ginger Ninja is or what it wants, but once you drop it in the tub, you’ll discover that it has a very particular set of ingredients that’ll help you feel balanced no matter what life throws at you. As it fizzes around your water, this stealthy bath bomb will leave a trail of plastic-free copper luster and a warming ginger and red mandarin scent that appears in flash of popping candy.”

Hi Ho Silver

“Set this one into the water and it’ll be “Hi Ho Silver away!” As it dissolves, deep purple swirls dance toe to toe with shimmering plastic-free glitter. Rich almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter deliver a deep dose of hydration to your skin, while a blend of citrus and olibanum offers a light, floral fragrance.”


“If mornings aren’t your jam or you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, channel Peng’s energy for the boost you need to bounce back. As it fizzes, this uplifting bath bomb shoots forth into fluffy foam, and turns your water a beautiful bronze color. Settle into the smoky but citrus blend of sweet, lemony litsea cubeba, reassuring rosewood and powerful sandalwood. Get ready to feel rebalanced, revitalized and like a force to be reckoned with.”

Pirates of the Carrageenan

“Set sail on calm seas with this treasure chest. It’s overflowing with softening seaweed to soothe the saltiest mateys, as well as pimento berry and ginger oils to help undo stubborn knots. It also features woody sandalwood and patchouli to guide you to solid ground, so you can jump aboard and take control of your own pirate ship. So, what aaarr you waiting for?”


“Feeling blue? Toss this fizzer into the tub and make a splash! As it dissolves into a calming azure hue, the inviting scents of neroli and lime beckon you in. Dive in and brace yourself for a refreshing citrus wake up call, then bask in the vivid ice-blue waters until you’re ready to take on the world.”

Lavender Giant Bombshell

“For big softies and sensitive souls, Lavender Giant Bombshell will wrap your skin in a comforting hug. Its fizzy exterior is made from a relaxing combination of chamomile blue oil, rose absolute and lavender oil—along with a little bit of tea tree oil and oat flour to balance and soothe troubled skin. When the extra large shell fizzes away, it reveals the giant’s extra-sweet surprise: a bouquet of dried Roman chamomile flowers and sprigs of lavender that decorate the top of the water and make you feel like you’re bathing in a dreamy garden oasis. If your skin needs a little TLC, then go big—you won’t regret it.”

Flower Power

“Flower Power’s packed with petals and wrapped in biodegradable muslin making it easy to enjoy its soothing herbal blend with no mess. Once it hits the water, the fresh flowers begin to steep, creating a mellow but cheerful bouquet. Aromatic honeysuckle, verdant meadowsweet and soothing sunflower calm troubled skin and minds. And when you’re done, pop the muslin into your compost.”

Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds

“Who says cloudy days have to be a bad thing? Grab this earthy fizzer and turn gray days into a calm, soothing sanctuary of blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Patchouli and frankincense create a peaceful scent along with spicy cinnamon leaf oil for a warming effect you’ll feel from head to toe. Breathe in, count to 5, breathe out. Repeat until you feel ready to take on the rest of the day or night.”

Youki Hi

“Jasmine lovers rejoice! The scent once found in our beloved Flying Fox Shower Gel is back in bath bomb form. This glittery fizzer is filled with the floral scents of not only sensual, heady jasmine but also ylang ylang, palmarosa and gardenia oils. The grounding scent of cypress oil balances the floral bouquet, while real sea salt and cream of tartar gently soften skin. Bathe in a shimmering garden oasis with this sensual treasure.”

Tea and Sympathy

“When a single cup won’t cut it, why not relax with a whole tubful of tea? This fizzy blend is made with a host of invigorating scents including chamomile blue, olibanum and clary sage oils—plus a real chamomile tea bag—to help you find clarity, peace and tranquility. And for those seeking added comfort, the skin-soothing blend of soy milk and calamine powders are saviors for sensitive and irritated skin. Forget the kettle and hop in the tub for the ultimate tea time treat.”

Ne Worry Pas

“When your worries have got the best of you, hop into the comforting embrace of Ne Worry Pas. This sweet and comforting jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood bomb isn’t scientifically proven to be the closest thing to a human hug you can get, but it’s pretty close. Drop it into the water, sink in, and let its skin-softening, floral blend envelop you in total relaxation.”

Turmeric Latte

“Take a break from caffeine and go for a mellower mood booster with a warm, spicy fizzer. This bath-ready latte is filled with plenty of brightening turmeric, to which we’ve added the soft, balancing notes of gardenia extract, tonka absolute and vanilla absolute. And it wouldn’t be a turmeric latte without a little vegan milk! Our blend is made with skin-softening coconut milk powder, plus corn starch to soften and soothe your skin as you bathe. Side of avocado toast not included.”

Fairy Trumpets

“You don’t have to believe in fairies to enjoy this bath bomb, but it helps. It hits the water running as it quickly fizzes into pink and yellow streams and popping candy crackles like an enchanting whisper. Rosewood and chamomile work together in ethereal harmony, creating a magical and mesmerizing scent, while orange flower absolute adds a high note to round out your bath.”

Geo Phyzz

“What do you get when you combine some of the earth’s most soothing ingredients? Coarse sea salt, Hawaiian sea salt, cypress, sandalwood and pine collide in Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb to create a grounding, relaxing soak in the tub. It’s perfect for those times when you crave a brisk walk in the great outdoors but would rather sink deep into the coziness of your tub.”

Fairy Jasmine

“If you believe in magic and fairytales, then Fairy Jasmine is for you. As it fizzes in your water, it’ll sprinkle its sparkling, plastic-free fairy dust into your life. It also features a beautiful blend of jasmine, vetivert and ylang ylang that’ll cast a bewitching scent designed to help your batteries recharged as if by magic.”


$7.95 / REVIEW
“Lower your wands and keep your spellbooks closed: this ready-made potion is all you need to enjoy a cauldron bursting with bathtime fun. Our wonderfully witchy blend includes a cool and cleansing burst of herbal fragrances from marjoram, basil and peppermint oils, along with the soft and floral scent of rose absolute. As the fizzy crystal ball dissolves, a fresh parsley sprig floats on top of the water for an extra stroke of good luck. It’s the perfect pick for any witch or wizard.”

“This bath bomb will be available online and in select stores starting March 29! Check your favorite store’s Facebook page to confirm availability.”

6 Responses to Alle 54 exclusieve Harajuku bath bombs (incl. beschrijving, foto’s en prijzen)

  • Lap. ?? Ik wil The Olive Branch, Hulder, Figaro Figaro, Magma, Karma Yantra, Kitsune, Lucky Cat (duh!), Tadaima Okaeri, Pirates of the Carrageenan, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, Tea and Sympathy, Turmeric Latte, Fairy Trumpets, Geo Phyzz, Magic en in feite See Salt Giant Bombshell ook, maar die is zo groot en duur … Het is dat de rest zo goedkoop is hé, Jess.
    Misschien eerst eens wat opmaken voordat m’n vriend écht een inzinking krijgt. ?

  • Ik heb Pirates of the Carrageenan, Sushi, Kitsune en Lucky Cat gekocht in de Harajuku Lush en ik kan je al met zekerheid zeggen dat ze echt GE-WEL-DIG ruiken!

  • Haha die kroon doet me denken aan Bassie en Adriaan en de verdwenen kroon! Maar er zitten leuke producten tussen, ben benieuwd welke naar Nederland komen :)

  • Ik ben zo excited dat het er ook zo enorm veel zijn. Hoe tof! Ik heb vandaag de lucky cat en de blackberry gekocht, maar ik wil sowieso ook nog de Karma Yantra en de Ginger Ninja en eigenlijk nog veel meer. Wat een geweldige collectie is dit zeg. The olive branch en honey I washed the kids ruiken ook zo lekker. Spijt dat ik die niet mee heb genomen.

  • OMG, hoe leuk zijn deze wel niet!

  • Oh ze zijn zo schattig!! *heart*

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